Discover our products made in France destined for Body Art professionals

  • Easytattoo®


    The Easytattoo® range products meet the cleansing, hydrating and protective needs required after tattooing. All stages must be respected and done so with suitable products: cleansers, balms, regenerating and...

  • Easypiercing®


    The products in the Easypiercing® range have been designed to protect as well as maintain piercings by combining ease of use and optimal effectiveness. Daily care limits the risk of infection.

  • EasytattooPro®


    The products in the EasytattooPro® range have been developed to best support professionals in the act of tattooing. These products help secure tattooing practices and comply with regulations.

  • Hygiene


    The products in the Hygiene range are intended for Body Art professionals. Their formulas comply with hygiene regulations and meet the standards recommended by the health authorities.