Easypiercing® Mouthwash Solution - 125ml to dilute

SOLBU Produit recyclable

Intended for mouth hygiene, the Easypiercing® mouthwash solution is ideal for the maintenance of mouth piercings.

Contains cloves essential oil, known for its dental hygiene virtues.

Its specific formula allows a frequent use without altering the mouth’s natural and delicate balance.

CPNP Notification n°1386937

How to use ?

  • Brush your teeth before each mouthwash.
  • Using the measuring cap, dilute 1 volume of the mouthwash solution in 3 volumes of water.
  • Perform an energetic mouthwash for 30 seconds minimum. Do not swallow.

Did you know ?

Cloves or the clove tree is native of the Moluccas Islands in Indonesia.

As an essential oil, clove has long been recognized for its anti-inflammatory virtues.
Cloves also have an antiseptic property and were previously used as a local anaesthetic. They have been used for millennia in Asia to relieve dental pain.
Cloves derive all their benefits from their concentration in eugenol, an aromatic compound. Its properties also make it a very good ally in the fight against certain viral diseases.

Conditioning : 125ml : 24 bottles per box - 3.75 kg

Shelf life : 6 months after opening

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