100% Mineral Tattoo Ointment
Especially developed for the tattoo act, Easytattoo pro LA MINERALE is an ointment to use during the tattooing process. In addition to its exceptional qualities, it does not obstruct needles.
It is 100% natural and 100% mineral.
It is part of the Vaseline range and is authorised by the general health directorate, as a product that can be used during tattooing.
Easytattoo Pro LA MINERALE is a Vaseline that complies with all the points of the French pharmacopoeia and the European pharmacopoeia. It is formulated from highly refined and fully hydrogenated raw materials with a catalyst. These materials all comply with FDA 21CFR 172-886 and 172-3710 Standards.
INCI Name/ CTFA Name CAS No. EINECS % REACH Registration Number
PETROLATUM 8009-03-8 232-373-2 100 % 01-2119490412-42-0028

Shelf life and storage conditions: Must be stored in a temperate room in its original closed packaging, protected from heat and light. Under these conditions, this product can be kept for 12 months after opening.
Sold per unit.