Delivery and returns

Orders are sent to the delivery address after full payment of the order.

No returns accepted after 7 days unless otherwise agreed in writing by Medical Body Art or special provisions.

Return costs are at your expense.

On receipt of goods

  • Control your products at the time of delivery.
  • If a package is damages, an examination of the contents in the presence of the driver is required to identify any anomaly and preserve your appeal.
  • Formulate reserves in writing at the time of delivery.
  • At your request, the driver provides a slip allowing handwritten comments.
  • To be admissible, the reserves must be written accurately, complete and confirmed if necessary.
    • Enter the quantity, the reference and the name of the damaged goods.
    • Specify if the package has been opened or re-taped.
    • Describe as best as possible the damage suffered (eg/ 2 references xxx damaged, broken, squashed or open parcels and 2xxx references missing...).
  • The driver can make contradictory reserves in case of disagreement on your characterized reserves.